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Uretek technologies allow you not to resort to earthworks and excavating operations. Our approaches solve the problem in a short time, without stopping the work or operation of objects, which causes a wide range of their application. At the initial stage, site investigation and design work is base for the further steps

Residential houses
Business and office centers
Warehouses and logistics centers
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Private developers and owners are not less then others face with problems of loose foundations and soils. Cracks in the foundation and walls, sagging structures and slope of a house can be caused by a number of reasons. One of the most common – low-quality survey and poor construction work. Often the owners of houses refuse survey work, trying to avoid seemingly unnecessary expenses.

As a result, problems with the foundation will cost much more. Traditional methods of solving problems involve large-scale excavation work. And if the site near the house is already landscaped, you will have to sacrifice it.

Progressive Uretek technology allows to solve subsidence problem without using the heavy machinery and equipment. Short time terms and no disruption.

Soil improvement and recovery works for residential sector

  • No excavation, no mess
  • No disruption, no resettlement
  • No big construction site area
  • No noise, no waste
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