Elimination of the consequences of seismic activity and restoration works

Lifting and leveling of complete structures
Private residential building
Residential building and garage
Lifting and re-leveling structures
Christchurch, New Zealand
Time of work
2011 г.
The timing
11 days


The earthquake caused an uneven subsidence of 10 to 42 mm in various areas of a residential building and garage in Christchurch town, which had to be re-leveled so that residents could safely live in the house.


The house with an area of 136 m2 and the adjacent garage with an area of 60 m2 had to be re-leveled. In order for Uretek to organize the work, it was necessary to obtain a proper permit. After the Christchurch earthquake, soft silt was present at the site. The most important condition was timely interaction between the homeowner, the insurance company, and the consulting engineer. The goal was to re-level the house and the adjacent garage.


Deep injection (UDI), performed by Uretek, was a suitable method for providing the necessary carrying capacity under the 13 "columns" supporting the house. Uretek also used slab lifting technology (USL) to re-level various parts of the house and garage. The repair and restoration work performed by Uretek was carried out within 11 days.


The buildings were re-leveled within a 1.5 mm tolerance, and the homeowner was able to return to the house. Faced with a choice: demolish the house, or carry out its" long-term " reconstruction - the homeowner came to the conclusion that the involvement of the company "Uretek" is more effective both in economic terms and time-saving solution to eliminate damage from the earthquake.

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